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Transform Your Home into a Summer Oasis With These Affordable Home Decor Ideas

During the warmer months, having a home that feels light and airy can help you embrace the season. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a bundle to update your house during the summertime. Here are some affordable summer home décor ideas to transform your living spaces for the season.

Spend Time Decluttering

Summer is all about spaces feeling light and airy. Since that’s the case, you can start transforming your home by removing any unnecessary items. By doing so, you reduce the visual weight of a space.

Begin by taking out any décor that’s more appropriate for colder months, such as heavy throw blankets. Look at any display surfaces – like shelves or mantels – and pare back what you have in those areas, as a bit of space between pieces creates a sense of lightness.

Bring in Greenery

Summertime is a lively season, so bringing some greenery into your space can work well. You can opt for live plants or faux greenery depending on your personal preferences, but choose options that feel full and lush for the best effect.

Succulents are another excellent option for summer. Again, their coloring is usually on the lighter or brighter side, offering up a range of striking greens and a few other hues. Plus, they’re easy to care for if you go with the real thing, which is beneficial if you don’t have a green thumb.

Introduce Summer Flowers

As with greenery, flowers can brighten up a room dramatically. Choose summer blooms like dahlias, peonies, or hydrangeas, as their lighter and brighter hues can give your house a summer vibe. Plus, the gentle scents can be a pleasant addition.

When you select vases, opt for clear or light colors. Again, this avoids any unnecessary visual weight. Plus, it can help the vibrant flowers stand out visually.

If you prefer, you can also go with faux flowers. There are many versions that look reasonably authentic, and you get the added benefit of being able to reuse them year after year.

Update Your Throw Pillows

Whether you want to get new throw pillows or simply cover your existing ones, updating them to align with a summer color palette can make a significant difference. Generally, you’ll want to choose lighter or brighter shades, depending on your taste.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider leaning toward beachy hues. A nautical theme – which relies primarily on brilliant blues and bright white – can also work well this time of year.

In most cases, avoid plaids, which are usually more reminiscent of winter, and stick to lighter fabrics, like cotton or linen. When it comes to patterns, stripes and florals both work well, but you can also try polka dots, palm trees, or fruit-based prints, as well as many others.

Remove Heavy Curtains

If you have layered window treatments, ditch the heavy curtains during the summer and go with lighter options. You can even pare down to just sheer curtains or blinds, as that takes a lot of visual weight out of the space. If you need more privacy, choose flowy fabrics in brighter or lighter hues, as that can do a lot to make a room feel more summery.

Decorate with Scent

Certain aromas align better with some seasons than others, so choosing new scents for your home can make your house feel like a summer oasis. Shift to an option like cucumber-melon if you want to keep things light and fresh, or choose island fruit if you would like to add some tropical flare. Clean linen can also work well.

Use Citrus

Citrus fruits come in a variety of vibrant, summery shades, making them excellent décor items during the warmer months. A simple bowl or glass vase filled with lemons can be a perfect option. Plus, you can get the look by using faux citrus instead of the genuine article, which is ideal if you’re concerned about potential food waste.

Do you know of any other affordable summer home décor items people should consider if they want to turn their home into a summer oasis? Do you feel that updating your décor for the season is wise or fun, or do you think that it’s a waste of money to make changes so frequently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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