Is Target Closed on Memorial Day 2023?

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Is Target Closed on Memorial Day 2023?

Is Target Closed on Memorial Day 2023?

Monday, May 29, 2023, is Memorial Day, a federal holiday that many businesses mark by closing their doors. Since many people have the day off from work, it’s common to find this disheartening, particularly if you were hoping to tackle some errands. Fortunately, while some retailers are closed, not all of them shut their doors on Memorial Day. If you’re wondering, “Is Target closed on Memorial Day 2023?” here’s everything you should know.

Is Target Closed on Memorial Day 2023?

No, Target isn’t closed on Memorial Day. Additionally, it isn’t using a modified holiday schedule for its opening hours. As a result, shoppers can head to Target just as they would on any typical Monday, including if they usually start near the store’s opening hours or late close to closing time.

Various Target services will also be available during Memorial Day. That includes any same-day or prescheduled pickup options or delivery orders. However, delivery through third-party apps may be impacted by the holiday, as fewer drivers may choose to work, which incidentally limits availability.

Is There a Memorial Day Sale at Target?

As with most major retailers, something is always on sale at Target, including on Memorial Day. Many of the discounts leading up to the holiday focus on goods that people commonly use to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. You may find lower prices on foods you usually grill, as well as outdoor furnishings. Select disposable dinnerware and cutlery might also be available for less.

You may also find deals on a range of products for the upcoming season. For example, select lawn and garden items are typically available at a discount this time of year, as well as water toys and outdoor sporting equipment. Plus, you may see price reductions on specific warm-weather clothing.

Beyond that, you’ll find the typical mix of discounts in a wide array of categories. Primarily, that’s because there are always products in electronics, toys, home goods, grocery, personal care, and a range of other sections on sale, giving you options beyond seasonal items.

Target 2023 Holiday Schedule

As is the case with most major retailers, Target doesn’t close its doors during the vast majority of holidays. Usually, that’s because holidays are excellent times to draw in shoppers, using sales to entice them to come into the store.

However, there are a few occasions when Target stores don’t open. Here’s a list of the Target 2023 holiday closures:

  • Easter – Sunday, April 9, 2023 – Target is Closed
  • Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 23, 2023 – Target is Closed
  • Christmas Day – Monday, December 25, 2023 – Target is Closed

Along with the closures above, many Target stores also close early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, though precisely when each location shuts down on those days can vary. Additionally, closures can occur due to issues like utility outages, technical problems, or severe weather, though that’s relatively uncommon.

It’s also critical to note that Target previously opened on Thanksgiving Day, allowing stores to get a jumpstart on Black Friday. However, the retailer stopped using that strategy during the pandemic and has yet to return to opening on that holiday. Whether Target stores will once again open on Thanksgiving isn’t clear, but the company will likely announce it broadly if it returns to its prior course.

Do you plan on doing any shopping this Memorial Day? If so, is Target usually your retailer of choice, or do you typically head to a different store? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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