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How To Get Free Products and Services Without Committing to a Subscription

When it comes to free products or services, many of them come with a catch. For example, you may need to spend a specific amount of money during a single purchase or commit to a subscription before qualifying for a free item. Fortunately, making a purchase or signing up for a subscription isn’t always necessary. Here’s a look at how to get free products and services; no commitment or spending required.

Focus on Samples

Many companies offer free samples of products without requiring a purchase. Many major food and personal care manufacturers provide them on occasion, and when they do, all you need to do is provide your contact information on the associated form on their website.

You may also find similar deals through large retailers. Walmart occasionally offers samples online, particularly through its box programs. However, Walmart does charge for shipping and taxes, so keep that in mind.

There are also sites that simply provide free samples to interested parties without any kind of commitment. Just be cautious when exploring free sample websites that aren’t connected directly to a company. Scams can exist, so be wary of anything asking for unnecessary personal or financial information.

Sign Up for Rewards Programs

Many rewards programs give people access to free products or services. In some cases, the freebies are earned as you accrue points, allowing you to choose what you receive at no cost. In others, they’re simply provided when you sign up, giving you access to samples or coupons for free or discounted products.

Rewards programs run the gamut when it comes to how they offer freebies and discounts. If you’re focused on free products or services, make sure to review what’s provided and any deal terms before signing up.

Join Email Lists

As with rewards programs, being a member of specific email lists may result in free samples from leading brands. This is more common in the personal care category, as sample sizes are commonly produced and reasonably easy to ship. However, food manufacturers may provide coupons that cover the entire cost of purchasing a particular product, allowing you to get a similar deal.

Create a Registry

A variety of retailers provide free samples if you set up a related registry through their store. One example is the Target baby registry welcome kit. After creating a registry, you can request the kit at guest services and receive approximately $100 worth of product samples and discount coupons without spending a dime. However, this option is subject to availability, so you may want to call various nearby Target stores to find one that has the kit in stock.

Amazon also has a baby registry welcome box, but it does come with a catch. You need to be a Prime member, complete the checklist, and have at least $10 in purchases from the registry (either made by yourself or others purchasing gifts for you) to qualify. But if you’re already shopping to prepare for your baby, qualifying isn’t typically an issue.

Sign Up for Product Testing Sites

Many sites provide people with free products or services in exchange for giving thorough reviews. Websites like BzzAgent and PINCHme are product-testing focused, while survey sites like may provide free products or services as part of longer-term studies.

Again, it’s critical to focus on companies with solid reputations, as scams aren’t uncommon in this arena. Fortunately, you can use site reviews to figure out whether or not a website is considered trustworthy, so doing your due diligence isn’t typically challenging.

Join a Retailer or Manufacturer’s Feedback Community

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers and retailers to have feedback communities. Being a member can translate into free products or services, or you may receive points you can turn into gift cards as compensation.

Many of these feedback communities are invitation-only, so you may need to be a customer or a member of an email list to receive an invite. However, others may allow you to request membership, or you might gain access after completing a survey sent out directly by the company or through a broader survey site.

Take Advantage of Food “Holidays”

Food “holidays” like National Coffee Day, National Donut Day, Free Slurpee Day, and National Ice Cream Day (among many others) often result in free products. Stores that offer related food or drink items may offer them to customers at no cost or may provide them for free if you make a specific purchase. As with all freebie deals, it’s critical to review the details in advance. Additionally, be aware that some offers are only available while supplies last, so it’s wise to get to the location early if you want to ensure you score a freebie.

Leverage a Family Member or Friend’s Membership

In some cases, you can leverage memberships held by family members or friends to gain access to free services. For example, if your family member or friend joined a gym, there’s a decent shot they occasionally get access to free day passes that they can give to friends. While you typically can only use them if you go to the fitness center at the same time as your friend, it’s an excellent way to access the facility without having to sign up for anything.

Similarly, if you have a household member that’s a member of a warehouse club like Costco, you can potentially take advantage of their membership. As long as the actual member is the one paying when you exit, there’s little to prevent you from accessing the store and even picking up some items. Just make sure to repay the family member or friend promptly.

Look for Free Used Items Online

There are many websites that allow people to list items for free within their local communities. Craigslist, Freecycle, and many Facebook groups are all excellent resources. Usually, anything listed is used, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of life. Just be mindful of whether you’ll need to handle pick up on your own, as most people offering free items aren’t particularly open to delivering them to you unless the meeting place is highly convenient.

Do you have any more tips that can help people get free products and services without committing to a subscription? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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