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Water Country USA: A Day of Fun

Located a few miles from Busch Gardens in Virginia and surrounded by the splendid architecture of Colonial Williamsburg is one of the largest Mid-Atlantic water parks. Owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Water Country USA offers one of the most popular summertime attractions in the area with live entertainment, shops, restaurants, lounges, cabanas, and the, best part of all, the water rides and slides for all ages.

Water Country USA: A Day of Fun 

Start the Day Early

Start by getting to Water Country USA earlier in the day; lines get long by mid-day, and standing in a line for 45 minutes is not fun in the blazing heat. Getting there early lets you get on those popular rides first and possibly park in the shade. Purchasing tickets in advance online can provide you with discounts for both single and multi-day visit purchases. 

Also, while you’re saving money by purchasing the tickets online, consider purchasing one of the add-ons, especially if you are limited on time during your stay in the water park. Something to consider when purchasing if you do not wish to wait in long lines is getting the Quick Queue add-on which is a pass that allows riders to skip lines for rides. The Quick Queue Plus allows riders unlimited access to certain rides plus one-time access on other rides, or the Quick Queue Unlimited provides guests with unlimited access to all water park rides. 

However, suppose you are more frugal with your spending. In that case, that is alright because waiting in a long line provides great familial bonding moments and makes the water ride experience more enjoyable.

Water Country USA: A Day of Fun
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Warm Up with the Aquazoid Amped

Start with the Aquazoid Amped, an 863-foot-long Proslide raft that is entirely enclosed with LED lighting, sound effects, and music. This ride is great to start with because it is near the Water Country USA center and entrance, so it is easy to find. Also, it’s good to ride the Aquazoid Amped in the morning because the Proslide tubing is black, and by mid-day, when the sun is blazing, the water in the ride can become quite warm. Therefore, begin your water bonanza fun here.

Now for Some Speed

Now that you’ve warmed up, it’s time for some real fun head-on over Vanish Point with a 75-foot-tall complex featuring four super-speed slides. Here, riders can plunge down one of the two 300-foot-long speed slides or plummet through one of the two enclosed helixes that utilize a drop pod, launching riders once the hatch/trapdoor opens. This ride is scary for some folks, especially for families with youngsters who arrive early in the morning. So, if you’re a thrill seeker arriving early, this ride is a great opportunity, especially if you want to repeat and try the other slide option.

Race Your Siblings

Siblings love competition, and what better way for them to humble each other than with a clashing duel in the water park? Stroll over to the newly opened Riptide Race, where you can duel on these 520 feet long and 54 feet-high slides while keeping an eye on your competitor with tubing low walls. The Riptide Race pits two teams racing side-by-side in a two-person raft along various adrenaline-pumping high-speed twists and tunnels.

More Racing

If you have younger kids who are not quite old enough for the Riptide Race but too old for the Splash zone, I would head on over to the Nitro Racers, which is a six-lane Proslide mat racer around 320 feet long in which riders go headfirst down the superhighway lanes. The Nitro Racer is an excellent ride for kids to race their friends and a nice open area for parents to video their kids smiling down as they body-surf battle each other to see who wins bragging rights or a souvenir.

One Last Ride Before Lunch

Scared of heights but want to go flying, this mega-slide promises to deliver that wish with the Colossal Curl. Full of enclosed high-speed tubing and openings with gushing waves that will take the riders high above the park to view the park’s colorfully painted rides. The Colossal Curl is one to stop at before lunch, especially if you have motion sickness. Otherwise, your lunch may come flying along the ride too.


In the morning, you should obtain your Quick Pay Cashless Wristband, which allows you to make purchases of souvenirs and food without cash or a credit card. This wristband is waterproof, allowing you to not worry as you drop down the vast number of water slides along your day’s fun. 

But if you want to relax from the blazing heat at lunchtime, get a cabana or lounger with shade, which is quite relaxing. Note this is an especially good purchase because seating becomes limited when the parks become busy. The seating is in sections of the water park that are a bit more private. Also, some vouchers include a free entrée and drink at any of the food stands, a plus to refuel for your fun day.

Hit the Lazy River

After a late lunch, you’re not quite ready to return to some of the high-thrill water coasters that will churn up your lunch. Instead, you go towards Hubba Highway, the 1500-foot-long lazy river with splash features like coconuts dropping water over you. The lazy river does not require you to wear a life vest but recommends it, especially for those who are not good swimmers. 

However, even if you are not a good swimmer, it is quite actually more fun to wear a life vest if it keeps you buoyant in the water, allowing you to lay back as the water drifts you around the eastern side of the water park. One critique for the park I have is that instead of using life vests, they should offer pool floaties or tubes like most other water parks. Most guests would probably agree that it is much more relaxing and comfortable.

Finish Up the Day

To finish the day, I may head back to the high slide or drop at Vanish Point or check out some of the rides like the Malibu Pipeline. If you want to hang out with the whole family to finish the day, head over to the Wave Pool, where the waves come splashing at you, and you can body surf through them with family and friends. 

Nearby Places to Eat

Suppose you’re coming early in the morning and are leaving Water Country USA by late afternoon. In that case, you should head to Second Street American Bistro for the beautifully glazed chipotle pork chop, barbecue meatloaf, or a contemporary twist on delicious shrimp and grits. For dessert, try the mixed berry crisp with warm vanilla ice cream. 

However, if you are coming to Water Country USA in the afternoon and plan on staying through the evening until closing hours at 8 pm, stop in the morning for a hearty breakfast at Colonial Pancake. Make sure to try the Colonial Breakfast or Sausage Gravy over Biscuits as a nice hearty meal before heading to the water park for a fun day.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you were to ask me, I would choose Water Country USA over Bush Gardens a thousand times. Of course, in summertime, it has tons of fun, lots of different pools and water amusements. This is just great for a fun day with family and kids! Make sure to check out Water Country USA if you are in the Colonial Williamsburg area or need a break from a William & Mary College Tour.

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